About Us

Alight Creative

In 2018, a company with a dream of changing the concept of post-production appeared to the world. It was named Alight Creative. It aimed to make people’s experience better; by introducing different innovative features. One of its most loved features is Motion graphics. So, now Alight Creative is allowing you to narrate your story visually. It would not be metaphorical to say that Alight Creative turns the most fantasied imaginations about video editing into reality. They want people to enhance their skills. Alight Creative is a company, solely about its users, that’s why they also help people to learn from scratch about animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and much more.

Alight Creative has a small team with big dreams. They want to reshape the technologies of post-production and want to make it more convenient for people. Alight Creative doesn’t turn down any opportunity to be innovative. They introduce novel ways to use traditional tools and let people easily make breathtaking videos.

Their headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea, but they are working from all over the world.

All About Creators

The primary focus of Alight Creative has always been empowering creators. In this digital era, they are making a revolution by making up-to-date and professional production tools. These tools are not only easy to use but are also accessible to everyone. Alight Creative is helping beginners to make their way in this field. They provide them with simple and cost-effective ways to enhance their talent.

The sky’s the limit, that’s why don’t limit yourself to anything less. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a video for YouTube, Instagram, or for whatever, you should never compromise on standards. Make a video that immediately grabs attention and is worthy of watching. However, Alight Creative is all about making this task easy for you.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a masterpiece of Alight Creative. It is one of the most remarkable video editing apps you could ever see. It has enormous features. Alight Creative is the first one to introduce the feature of motion graphics for smartphone users. Now, you can narrate your story, visually, on your smartphone. Whether you are an animation creator or a videographer, it is a big YES for everyone. Currently, It has more than 50 M downloads on the play store, which is proof that it is a user-friendly app. It is easy to download and easy to use. It eliminates the need for a professional or an expensive camera. In addition to this there are also different customization features in Alight Motion. From beginners to professionals this app has been used and loved by all. You can see it from the users’ reviews on the google play store.

Team of Alight Creative