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Alight Motion MOD APK

Download Alight Motion Pro (MOD) Latest Version With All Premium Features Unlocked For Free.

Without Watermark – No Ads – Pro Subscription Unlocked

In this modern era, everyone wants to share videos, captured images on social media. Sometimes, people like to share videos of any casual event after some changes performed in a video editor. From capturing images of nature to recording stunning videos, these are the basic needs to remain in the market. However, there is also a need for money, a high-quality camera, and other necessary items. But we can also not deny the fact that not everyone has access to all these basics. But don’t worry we are here to help you. Here we brought the Alight Motion MOD APK for you to fulfill all your basic to advance video editing needs.

Get the best motion graphics, animations, and video editing experience on your smartphone, tablets, and even desktop PC. The compatibility with several operating systems (OS) makes Alight Motion premium mod apk accessible to everyone. If you want to edit a video to show your editing skills or want to get more likes by making Vlog videos, it’s all possible with Alight Motion MOD APK.

This ultimate guide is all about the Alight Motion MOD app, its premium features, how to install it, and all the necessary information about Alight Motion app. Click on the provided download button if you already know about this video editing software or want to download the latest MOD version. If not, continue to the guide to get all the information. Let’s begin!

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Introduction To Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion MOD APK brings many benefits for you such as video editing, animation editing, and create motion graphics. It is offered by the well-known developers Alight Creative. Due to the pricey apps, Alight Motion developers worked hard to develop such a good video editing app for you that is free to download.

It has many innovative features, is easy to use, and is free to download for everyone. Due to these major reasons, it has become the first choice of the users on Google Play Store. Another primary reason for its likeness is that you don’t need to buy an expensive camera for it. Just shoot the video from your smartphone and edit it in Alight Motion MOD video editing mobile app, just like an expert video editor.

Alight Motion Pro APK

Alight Motion MOD APK is a modded version of Alight Motion. Sometimes called a hacked version, it has all the features of Alight Motion Pro unlocked, and you can export videos without a watermark.

Alight Motion Pro APK is pretty easy to use, even if you are a beginner at video or animation editing. Either you are an android user or iOS user, you can download it for free. You can edit already recorded videos with it. Not only that, you can also create motion graphics with the help of captured photos with beautiful video effects.

If we talk about the tools and features, there is no limit to using your mind to make the videos creative. The enormous effects gallery and the option to export without watermarks make Alight Motion MOD loved by everyone. Alight Motion MOD APK does not advertise itself by putting watermarks in videos. Furthermore, you can also use it on a PC, laptop without any errors.

interface of Alight Motion mobile app showcasing features

What Does Alight Motion MOD APK Do?

Alight Motion MOD APK is an excellent video and animation editing app. It is beneficial for those who want to start their career in video animation, crafting professional pieces of videos, video clips from personal smartphones, and more. You will get all the professional editing tools here. After editing, it will look like it is edited with premium and expensive software.

Likewise, the built-in brilliant editing tools are useful to capture video from photos and many other interesting aspects. Make your videos more appealing by adding the sound or audio tracks from the massive library.

Not to mention, you can also add third-party music such as songs. Plus, the voiceover option is the most professional one because you can record audio directly to the videos. Alight Motion MOD app has many uses such as creating or editing Vlogs, editing any video lecture, and other such tasks.  

Furthermore, it will make animation editing easier and offer many other advantages. Even if you don’t know much about video editing, Alight Motion MOD is still helpful for you. It’s also for professional video creators or editors. In short, you can edit videos using only your smartphone with the Alight Motion app. We assure you won’t regret your experience with this app.

How To Use Alight Motion Video Editing App

Alight motion MOD APK is the most loved and easy-to-use app for professional video editing. If you are using it for the first time, you definitely would need some time to understand the tools and other things. For your assistance, we have mentioned the easy and simple procedure to get started with this awesome app. So, let’s get started with the Alight Motion quick start guide:

  1. Alight Motion offers a lot of options. You can easily record the videos with the app’s integrated camera. Otherwise, choose the import option to edit already recorded video.
  2. First, download and install the Alight Motion MOD App on your smartphone using the on-screen command.  
  3. If you desire to make videos from pictures, then transfer the required photos. If the images are not in the phone, connect the camera with the PC and import them into the computer. After that, transfer them to your android phone via USB data cable.  
  4. After selecting your desired photo, click Import
  5. Here you will see two options. First, you can edit every single image individually. Secondly, apply similar effects on all the images at once. So, choose any of the options according to your needs and requirements. 
  6. Don’t forget to make sure all the editing has been completed, such as angle, cropping, and more. 
  7. After that, go to the Filters Library and apply the desired filter that appeals to you the most. Here it’s up to you whether you want to apply filters on all photos at once or for every photo individually. 
  8. Next, type the text that you want to add to your photos. Alight motion has different fonts to add several text layers to all the images. Also, there is an option of adding different texts at different time intervals in the video. 
  9. Further, choose the stickers you want to add, such as emojis. The app also has a wide range of stickers and emojis. 
  10. Now, the editing has almost been completed. It’s time to review your editing by playing it in the app. Verify everything that you have added to the video. 
  11. Save your video and go to the Export option to export the video on your mobile phone. There is an option to download the video in different formats. We recommend choosing the MP4 or HD formats while exporting video in local storage. 
  12. Congrats ! Now you have edited your video and saved it as well

Features of Alight Motion Pro APK

Alight Motion Pro APK has collected great appreciation from the users due to its excellent features. There are countless features to describe, but we share the most prominent and useful features in the following:

Keyframe Animation

keyframe animation feature of Alight Motion showcasing frame by frame editing

It’s the top and most interesting feature of Alight Motion premium mod apk. With it, you can edit your video frame by frame because the video is processed in the form of several frames. Moreover, you can edit and add custom elements at a single frame or multiple frames while editing. This feature helps you edit your videos in more detail. You can add different texts, emojis, and other stuff simultaneously using the layers option. Just choose from several available elements, position them onto the objects and take complete control of animation graphics.

Visual Effects

showcasing visual effects (like Clouds, Displacement Map, Brightness or Contrast, Color Tune, Colorize, Exposure / Gamma, Highlights and Shadows, and Hot Color etc.) to edit videos in Alight Motion

If you want to give next-level creativity to your videos, visual effects in the Alight Motion Pro APK will help you out. There are thousands of visual effects for video, such as exposure, hot color, color tune, clouds, shadows, highlights, and more. Use any of the video effects that will make your videos stunning. The color tuning and exposure will help you get the best video editing results.

Blending Modes

Blending Modes feature of Alight Motion helps add and edit multiple layers with ease

If you want to add multiple layers and adjust them individually, blending mode might be your ideal choice. Alight Motion MOD offers you to use different blending modes in the videos. helps you all different blending modes anywhere in the video. The easy adjustment and layer opacity offer you to edit the video according to your desire. In short, you can choose between several blending modes for your video. Not only a few, but you can choose between countless options available in the Alight Motion premium MOD itself.

Vector Graphics

vector graphics feature in Alight Motion app showing image with missing a puzzle piece

If you want to make stunning animations, vector graphics will help you. In simple words, they are small, cool, and minimalistic images that are usually used in animation editing. There are several 2D and 3D shapes to add to your animations. Moreover, you can also create your own vector graphics as Alight Motion MOD apk offers this option.

Stylish Fonts

Showcasing Alight Motion's font library, More than 2000 fonts included, or import your own custom fonts.

Adding text is necessary to make the video more interesting when you want the audience to get the message. Alight Motion premium app has a built-in fonts library having more than 2000 eye-catching fonts to add to your videos using different layers. Not to mention, you can further animate the text according to your desire to make it more cool and attractive. In addition to available fonts, you can use other fonts too. But you have to import them using the import fonts option.

Several Export Formats

export video file in many formats with Alight Motion including XML, and GIF.

Video formats are important when you want to upload your edited video on different social media platforms. By keeping it in mind, the developers of Alight Motion Pro (MOD) offered several formats in Alight Motion app. The most common available video formats are XML, JPEG, and PNG. Not only that you can choose the video quality such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, even 4K videos. So, just go to the export button and save the video in any format without any issues.

XML Support

XML is the short form of Extensible Markup Language and these files are used to transfer information in terms of text. With the advancement of technology, the developers have added many innovative functions and the same is true for the Alight Motion app. Now you can run XML files in Alight Motion without any problem. Just click the import button, select the file, and it’s all done.

VFX Effects

It’s one of the most important effects for the people who want to edit video for their YouTube channels or to post on social media. Sometimes your background is not good and clean, but you want to share a video publicly. What to do in such a situation? Don’t worry! VFX effects help you add beautiful backgrounds. Alight Motion MOD has this feature unlocked. Shortly, it’s used to manipulate the background.

MOD Features

When you download the native Alight Motion app from the Google Play store, it has many restrictions. Everything is limited to use, and if you want to use it further, you have to buy their subscription. In short, you have to pay for the service that everyone can’t afford. What to do in such a situation? 

Don’t panic! We have brought the Alight Motion modded version in which you will get everything unlimited, unlocked, and without paying any subscription fee. We have listed all the prominent features of the alight motion modded app in the following:

Alight Motion Pro MOD APK

Alight Motion has some tools that are locked and not available for everyone. Is there any way to enjoy these pro tools even if you don’t have enough money to spend? Yes, we are here to assist you. Just get the modded version of alight motion from our website, install it, and enjoy all the pro tools free of cost. You will get unlimited access to all the Alight Motion pro mod apk.

Alight Motion Premium MOD

Besides buying certain tools separately, the developers have offered premium versions. In this, you have to pay a certain amount for a month to enjoy all the premium tools. Don’t worry; if you don’t have enough money to buy a subscription. We have brought the Alight Motion Premium mod apk in which you will get all the premium tools and premium subscription free of cost.

Alight Motion Hack

The modified version of Alight Motion app is commonly known as the hack version. If you want to enjoy all the available effects, transitions effects, voiceover, and other restricted features, Alight Motion hack helps you get all these premium attributes free of cost.

No Root Needed

Some modified apps need rooting of your android phone. Well, it may be harmful for some smartphones. Here is some good news for you that you don’t need to root your android or ios phone to install the Alight Motion mod. Just download and install it without altering the operating system.

Save Elements for Further Use

Sometimes, it’s your common practice to use certain elements in every video. People who belong to social media video animation are well aware of this term. So, the Alight Motion modded version helps you enjoy saving any element to use in your future videos. This feature is very helpful because it saves a lot of your efforts and precious time.

Free To Use

If you think you have to pay for the premium app features, we disagree with you. You don’t need to pay anything because the Alight Motion MOD Apk is free to use. This app was made available with all premium pro apk features unlocked, no watermark, and no ads, so that everyone can enjoy it without any issues.

Alight Motion without Watermark

Some apps put a watermark when you export video after editing. They do it for their free advertisement and promotion. When you create a stunning video, you don’t want to give credit to anyone in terms of the watermark. However, you can export videos without watermark using the Alight Motion Pro APK. The developers hacked Alight Motion, unlocked all Premium Pro features, so, no watermark on any video you export. The plus is, it’s completely safe and free of cost. 

Alight Motion Unlocked

Just like other apps; Alight Motion also has some special effects, transitions, fonts, and other features that are locked. You have to pay a certain fee or buy a subscription to unlock Alight Motion premium effects. If you don’t want to pay for unlocked apk version, the Alight Motion MOD will help you here. It has all effects of Alight Motion unlocked, no watermark is added and no ad is shown to you. Download Alight Motion Unlocked without hesitation and get the best video editing experience.

All Visual Effects Unlocked

The app consists of thousands of visual effects to apply on your desired layers, but not all are unlocked. If you want to use them without paying any fee, download the Alight Motion modded app. All effects are unlocked and you don’t have to pay a penny.

Enjoy your uninterrupted video editing experience!

Download Alight Motion MOD APK without Watermark

download alight motion mod apk free with pro feature unlocked, no watermark, and no ads.

Download and installing procedure of Alight Motion MOD APK is easier than you thought. We assure you that the installing of Alight Motion MOD app is just a piece of cake. For your help, we have listed the detailed procedure for its installation. We have covered every single step to make everything easy for you.

How To Download and Install Alight Motion MOD APK

If you are a beginner at this app, follow the simple steps mentioned below to download and install this app on your android phone:

Step 1: First of all, if you have already downloaded the Alight Motion from the playstore, then uninstall it.

Step 2: Go to the Phone Settings > Security Settings > Click on the “Unknown source” to give security permissions.

Step 3 Next, go to our provided downloading link and download the modded Alight Motion app free of cost.

Step 4: Go to the File Manager > APKs > and click to open the downloaded MOD file.

Step 5: After that, click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 6: The app will hardly take 1-2 minutes for installation.

Step 7: Congrats! The app has been downloaded successfully. Open and enjoy unlimited video editing free of cost.

Alight Motion MOD APK for PC

It’s crucial to have a bigger screen to edit the videos more precisely. However, it’s a smartphone app. Is there any way to enjoy it on a laptop or desktop PC? Yes, you don’t need to worry. We bring you the Alight Motion MOD APK for PC through which you can enjoy stunning video edit on your laptop screen, and no watermark will be placed on the videos.

However, you need to install a third-party Android emulator for it. We recommend you to use BlueStacks or NOXPlayer because of universal compatibility. Just download the mod app, install the Android Emulator, install the app in it just like the phone, and enjoy unlimited video editing on your laptop or PC.

Alight Motion MOD APK for iOS

You can edit, customize, enhance and add graphics to your video with Alight Motion for Mac and iOS. Alight Motion Pro is now available for the iOS and Mac operating system. The developers worked hard to offer you Alight Motion Pro [MOD] for your iOS and Mac, without paying anything. The procedure is simple, just download the modded app from our website, install it on your iOS phone, and enjoy unlimited video editing with all features unlocked.

Additional Information

NameAlight Motion
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Offered byAlight Creative, Inc.
Latest Version5.0.83.103719
Last Updatedfew days ago
Android Requirements6.0 or above
In-app ProductsYes

What Users Like

We have taken reviews from many users about this fantastic app. We have listed all the aspects that people like in this amazing video editing app:

  • It’s an extremely user-friendly app and also easier to use for everyone.
  • Enjoy fluid animations here that are not found in other smartphone apps.
  • Save your favorite or most-used elements for future use.
  • It has great customer support.
  • A lot of visual effects, fonts, and other video editing tools.

What Users Don’t Like

There are no particular drawbacks of this video animation app. The only snag is that this app crashed or stopped working on some devices. Particularly, it’s not the issue of the app, but some devices are slow, and they don’t support all the animations and other files. They aren’t able to execute the code properly. However, this issue is found only on some certain devices.


Is the Alight Motion app good for beginners?

Alight Motion is very easy to use and that’s why it is good for both beginners and professionals. So, if you are at the start of your video editing career, this app is still helpful for you.

How to use the Alight Motion App?

Alight Motion app is pretty simple to use. Just open the app, choose the photos from the gallery, add music, apply the filters & transitions, and enjoy editing videos free of cost.

What is the primary application of the Alight Motion app?

The main reason behind the development of Alight Motion app is to help people to get professional edits even on their smartphones. They don’t need to invest in premium and heavy software; just do all the professional edits with this amazing app.

Is Alight Motion MOD free to install?

Yes, it’s free to install for anyone. Just visit our downloading link click on the download button, and enjoy this amazing app without any fee.

Is the Alight Motion MOD harmful to android?

We have installed, used, and tested the mod app on several android devices having different android versions. However, we found this mod app completely safe for android phones.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it would be fair enough to say that we have shared all the necessary information about Alight Motion MOD APK. It’s a top-rated app for video editing, animation graphics, and creating high-quality video content. The available tools and features are enough to meet all your needs. It does not matter if you are a beginner or expert video editor; you will find it helpful. Therefore, don’t hesitate to download this wonderful video editing app.