Alight Motion MOD APK for iOS

Being a great videographer requires more than just video capturing skills. Sound knowledge of video editing is compulsory for every videographer. That’s why we have come up with the best video editing app. Alight Motion MOD APK has all the features that any video editor could ever dream of.

The parent company of Alight Motion MOD APK is Alight Creative. Alight Creative has already made its name in the world of photo/video editing apps and software.

Alight Motion comes with several features that any videographer cannot ignore. It has the best visual effects. This video editing app also enables you to make all designs of your video look alive due to its motion graphics feature. Moreover,  it gives you a chance to fully customize your videos. Alight Motion also allows you to add pieces of the sound of your choice to your videos. There are some extra features, like keyframe animation, in the paid version of Alight Motion MOD APK. Also, it does not have a watermark.

You can use Alight Motion MOD APK for PC to edit and customize your videos on desktop. This video editing app has two versions. One is the basic version, it is available, for free, on App Store. The other one is paid. It is the PRO version of Alight Motion. There are different subscription plans for it. But don’t worry we are giving it free to you. You can download the PRO version of Alight Motion from this page, for free of cost.

How to use Alight Motion MOD APK on iOS

You may not find the Alight Motion MOD APK on the App Store, but you can still download it on your iOS device. Many people think that only android users can have this app, but there is a straightforward way to download it on iOS as well. So, if you own an IOS device, and want to download Alight Motion on it, just read this article, and you will have your answer.

Android emulators are used to download Alight Motion PRO APK on iOS. Android emulators are free and harmless for your device. But if you download an emulator from an unauthentic site, then it can come with different viruses. That’s why double-check the URL before downloading any emulator.  However, we strongly recommend you to use the BlueStacks emulator for downloading the Alight motion PRO APK on iOS. 


BlueStacks is one of the safest emulators to use. It allows using all android programs on PC or iOS. It is available, for free, for both Windows and MAC. However, there are some minimum requirements to download BlueStacks, like 5 GB free space, 4GB RAM, etc. This will allow BlueStacks to work on your device. But, if you want a better experience of using apps, then it is recommended to use BlueStacks on a system that has:

  • 8 GB or higher RAM
  • SSD storage
  • Broadband internet connection

How to install BlueStacks

It is very easy to download BlueStacks on any device. Just follow the below guide to download BlueStacks within a few steps.

  • Go to the BlueStacks site and click “Download BlueStacks” to download the emulator on your device.
  • Wait for a few minutes to get it downloaded. After that just launch the installer.
  • Now, BlueStacks will be downloaded within a few minutes.

How to install Alight Motion MOD APK on iOS

Now, when you have BlueStacks, you can easily install Alight Motion MOD APK on iOS. First of all, get the apk file of Alight Motion PRO APK from Download the apk file and just follow the following steps to install Alight Motion PRO APK on your device. 

  • Begin with initiating the android emulator on your device.
  • Drag the apk file to the emulator to install it.
  • Now, Alight Motion MOD APK will automatically get installed on your device.

If you are using any other android emulator than BlueStacks, then you can also follow this guide because the method is the same for every emulator. 


Can I get Alight Motion on iOS?

Alight Motion was originally for android devices only. But you can download it on iOS also, using an android emulator, preferably BlueStacks.

How do I download Alight Motion Pro without a watermark?

The Pro version of Alight Motion does not have a watermark. It is available on our website for free.

How much does Alight Motion Pro cost?

You can download Alight Motion PRO APK for free from our website. You don’t need to pay a single penny to download it. Just click the link, and download it within a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

Alight Motion MOD APK is an exceptional video editing app. This app has all those qualities which can make it anyone’s favorite. Alight Motion PRO APK offers you quality animation, brilliant visual effects, motion graphics, and much more. Not only android users but also iOS users can enjoy this video editing app. BlueStacks emulator is recommended to install Alight Motion on iOS devices. After downloading BlueStacks, you can easily install the Alight Motion MOD APK.