Alight Motion MOD APK for PC

Do you want to enhance your videography skills? Then you are at the right place. We will introduce you to Alight Motion. This video editing app is a perfect pick-up for you if you want to make your videos even better.

Alight Motion MOD APK is a product of Alight Creative. Alight Creative is among one of the leading companies of photo/video editing apps or software.

Alight Motion Pro has multiple features which you can enjoy as a videographer. You can compose your videos in the best possible way in Alight Motion APK. You can customize and personalize videos because of the features of Alight Motion Pro APK, and no watermark is placed when you export the video.

This app has the best motion graphics that can help you to bring all the designs of your videos to life. If you like to make animated videos then you should know that Alight motion has professional quality animation. Not only this but Alight Motion Pro APK also has extraordinary visual effects.

The best part is that you can use this app on your PC also. You might be more comfortable editing videos on the big screen. You can enjoy Alight Motion MOD APK on iOS, too. It is completely free for both Windows and Mac.

How to use Alight Motion MOD APK on PC

It is a common misconception that you can only use Alight Motion on the smartphone. However, it’s not true. There is a simple and easy way to download this video editing app on your PC. It is also recommended to edit videos on the big screen. It allows you to focus on even the minor details of the video.

To download Alight Motion PRO APK on PC you just need an android emulator. Emulator allows you to use such programs on PC that were originally meant to be used on android or IOS. 

You most probably are thinking about whether it’s safe to use an android emulator or not. Then yes, it is completely safe. But be careful and only download from authentic sources. Otherwise, it is a risky process. 

Some recommended android emulators are:

  • BlueStacks 
  • MEmu
  • NoxPlayer 

How to Download and Install BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the commonly used emulators. It is completely virus-free and is available, for free, to download. You can download BlueStacks in Windows 7, 8, and 10 and on MAC as well.

Its downloading procedure is simple and consists of only a few steps. The first step is to go to the BlueStacks site and to click “Download BlueStacks“. Once it’s downloaded, you have to launch the installer. Now you just have to wait for a little to get BlueStacks launched on its own.

However, there are some requirements to use BlueStacks. Your PC must have at least a free space of 5GB. 4GB of RAM and an Intel or AMD processor is also required to use this emulator.

How to install MEmu

MEmu, just like BlueStacks, is an exceptional Android emulator. It requires 5GB of free space. Intel CPU or AMD is also required and unlike BlueStacks it only needs 2GB RAM. It is recommended to download it on Windows 10. However, you can also download it on windows 7 and 8 and windows vista.

To install MEmu, first, download the offline installer and from there install MEmu. Go to the installation wizard and click “Quick Install”. After it’s downloaded, click the launch button. Now, the MEmu emulator is ready to use.

How to install NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer emulator is also free and is available for download on windows vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, and 11. You can also download this emulator on MAC. It only requires a free space of 2GB on your PC and 2GB RAM.

Download offline NoxPlayer from the original site. After it’s downloaded, add a google account to log in. Then click the buttons of “next” and “I agree” respectively. NoxPlayer emulator is ready.

How to install Alight Motion MOD APK on PC

Once you have downloaded the emulator, it is very easy to install Alight Motion MOD APK on a PC. Firstly, download mod apk file from

Once you have downloaded the apk file then you have to do the following steps:

  • Launch the emulator in your PC
  • Import the apk file to the emulator to get it installed. You can do it directly by dragging the apk file to the emulator.
  • After the apk file gets installed, it will automatically appear on your desktop and emulator. 

This installation procedure is the same for all android emulators. 


Can I use Alight Motion on my PC?

Yes you can use the Alight Motion MOD APK on your PC as well. You need to download its apk file from our website and then have to install it on an android emulator.

Can I download Alight Motion on Mac?

Yes, you can download Alight Motion on Mac. You will need an android emulator to download it on Mac.

Does Alight Motion have a watermark?

The basic version of Alight Motion has a watermark but its pro version does not have one. The PRO version is available on this website, you can download it for free.

Final Thoughts

Alight Motion MOD APK is one of the best video editing apps. It has all the desired features. You can use it on your PC as well. You need an emulator to download it on PC. Some best android emulators are BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu. Their installation process is easy and simple. After downloading an emulator, you can download Alight Motion MOD APK on a PC with a few clicks.