Privacy Policy

We prioritize your privacy over everything and that’s why we make sure that you know about all the information we gather from you. 

We do all this just to make your experience better as this helps us in making better decisions according to your preferences. 

We are clearly stating our privacy policy below and strongly recommend you to read it till the end.

Third party interactions

  • You may see certain kinds of advertisements on our website. We are not responsible for any kind of information these advertisement sites may collect from you. These third party sites want to personalize their content and for that purpose they use different technologies like cookies, JavaScript, etc. Your IP address is also stored by these ad networks. 
  • We advise you to have a look at the privacy policies of these ad servers. They will also tell you how you can personalize the settings of these sites. 
  • However you can always disable cookies by going through the settings of your browser.

Personally Identifiable Information

We collect some personally identifiable information from you but we clearly tell you about all such information. 

  • We always look forward to improving our services and that’s why we gather some incognito data from you. We observe things like from where you are using our services and which language you are preferring while using our services. We use Google analytics for this purpose. You could see the privacy statement of Google analytics if you are still unsure about anything .
  • We keep some information about you, like your email address and your full name, when you first use our services. If you do not directly provide us this information and sign in via google, Facebook, etc then we collect such information from these sign in providers. 
  • We also keep an eye on the demographic data. This generally includes that people of what age group are using our services, most. This is done so we could show you age appropriate content. 

This is not the final privacy policy as this could get updated with the period of time. However, you should regularly visit this website to stay notified about the new privacy policy.