Terms and Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions on which you have to agree before using our services. These terms and conditions apply to all users, whether they are regular ones or just visitors. If you don’t agree with any of our terms and conditions then you may not be able to use our services. 

We advise you to read all the terms of use carefully and then decide whether you want to use our services or not. 

  • You must be older than 14 years to use our services. If you do not represent that you are over the age of 14 then you would not be permitted to use our services. 
  • You must accept our privacy policy if you want to use our services. In our privacy policy we have clearly stated what kind of information we collect from you and for what things we are not responsible for. 
  • Our Website does not cause any harm to your device and that’s why we are not liable for any kind of damage, you think using this website has done to your device. 
  • We do not sell our users’ data to any third party, with or without their consent. That’s why you would not be able to file any such charges against us, after using our website. 
  • Your suggestions, regarding the website, are always welcome but keep in mind that our website would be free to use or publish these suggestions, and would not owe you anything for this purpose, even the credits. 
  • We regularly update our privacy policy and terms of use. We would notify you when this happens and would ask you all to agree to all the terms and conditions, again. 
  • When you use our website you have accepted all the terms and conditions and have consented to give your personally identifiable information, which we mention in our privacy policy.